Post 02: 03-02-2022 Dream ~ Infiltration in the Body of Christ

The butterfly has long represented "a new creation" 
	in Christ

A Dream;

early Sunday morning,

March 6, 2022

In the dream, I was in a worship service. At first, it seemed the Spirit of God was really felt. The people were really into it – like deep worship.

My attention was drawn to the worship leader. It was a young man, maybe 19, and he was really into it. Next, I saw the words on the screen, and I could actually read them (I don’t remember them now), but no one was LOOKING at the screen as they all had their eyes shut and were just singing. I saw the first sentence, or phrase, and then the next, and so on.

At first the words on the screen were so good, so wonderful, so worshipful. Then suddenly the words were changing focus – they had subtly turned, twisted, into something evil. Now the words were talking about worshipping things in our imagination – invented beings and science fiction creatures.

The people just continued on with the repeated words they had been singing and then gradually began to sing the new, twisted words – unknowingly, I believe – as they were caught up in the moment. 

The worship leader also was changing in appearance – his countenance was looking more and more sinister and controlling. He had the appearance of delighting in this evil turn of worship.

I looked around in alarm. That was when I realized the room was filled mostly with teens. All had their eyes closed and their arms upraised; all were totally into this “worship.” Some were dancing a little as they were responding to the music, the mood, the emotion. And they were ALL deceived!! It got worse, more blatant, and they were all naive and deceived.

I was shocked as I looked around and saw the deception. What was so obvious to me they could not even see.

End of dream.

I believe there is a personal message to me in this dream, but setting that aside, I think God was showing yet another way the enemy infiltrates our youth – deception right in our church services!

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