Post 03: 2018 Dream ~ 2018 Dream I had about the Body of Christ is in its “now” moment

The butterfly has long represented "a new creation" in Christ

The 2018 Dream

On August 11, 2018, I had a very detailed dream.

In this dream, I walked into church with a man. When we walked into the church, the service had already started, and the pastor was at the front talking. (The pastor was not preaching, just quietly talking.)

There were rows of folding chairs close to the front, but at the back of the room there were round tables with folding chairs. Along the back wall, there were two or three sizes of children’s chairs. They were the old-fashioned cane type.

The room was fairly crowded with people of all ages but there were plenty of places to sit. We noticed several places near us in the rows of chairs where we could sit and noticed one of the tables at the back had no one sitting at it.

The man led the way to the empty table and walked to the back-wall side of the table. I assumed he would sit at the table facing the front and the pastor, but he did not. Instead, he moved a child’s chair from the back wall and sat down on the floor, cross-legged, where the chair had been.

This caused a slight stir, but no one was upset or staring.

I was still standing, near him, undecided what to do. I could not sit on the floor but wanted to be with him. And I couldn’t sit in the tiny child’s chair he had moved…

Suddenly, a little girl, age 4, 5, or possibly 6, walked over, carrying her little chair, and sat it down on his left and sat down in it. She did not look at him; she just quietly sat. Her attention was focused on the pastor.

Slowly, but in a short period of time, more children gathered near and around him. Some bringing their chairs and some sitting on the ground – but all focused on whatever was going on at the front rather than on the man sitting on the floor.

Then, up in the rows closer to the front, a teenage girl, maybe 16, stood up, folded her chair, walked over and propped it against the wall, walked back, and sat on the floor where she had been sitting in her chair. She never appeared to look at the man.

Next, the pastor’s wife, seated up on the platform, at the side, quietly moved to the floor in front of her chair. The pastor smiled his love and approval at her, but never missed a beat in what he was talking about.

In the next few minutes, various people all over the room, of various ages, without making a big deal about it, quietly moved their chairs and sat on the floor. None looking at the man who was seated on the floor.

By the time worship had started, probably a quarter of the congregation were sitting on the floor – many with their eyes closed. It was not one of those solemn “get-on-your-face before God” times. Rather, there was a quiet joy.

Still standing near him, I noticed the man, still sitting on the floor, had his eyes closed with his head bowed down. And other than the first little girl, he was completely unaware of all the people who had gotten out of their chairs and were sitting on the floor in various places all over the sanctuary. Tears were running down his face.

The worship was sweet and joyful, but not excited, loud, or rowdy. Neither was it hyped up or emotional; there was a quiet, but deep, joy.

At that point, I woke up…

As I thought about the dream, I realized there were things I KNEW in the dream.

It was a very interesting dream.

At the time, I prayed much about the dream and what it meant, but as time passed, I completely forgot about it. I found it, quite unexpectantly, yesterday and re-read it. WOW did I see ever so much into it!!

Stay tuned… my next post will delve into this dream. I believe it goes hand in hand with what God is saying to us through so many of His servants today. It is exciting!

(There was a delay in posting the interpretation, but it was finally posted HERE.)

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