Post 04: 2018 Dream Interpretation Delay ~ in the meantime: Encouraging you to keep pressing in to the Lord

The butterfly has long represented "a new creation" in Christ

Delay on Interpretation of 2018 Dream

I must digress from the interpretation of the 2018 dream. My apologies, but the more I typed the more God kept showing me. It is quite detailed; I am not – or should I say God is not – finished with it yet. I promise to post when I get it done.

In the meantime…

I just want to encourage you to keep pressing in to the Lord. Psalm 91 reminds us about His faithfulness to keep us when we abide in Him.

Psalm 92 encourages us that even in our “old” age, He can still use us!

Isaiah 54 reminds us that He is with us in these troubling days and that no weapon formed against us shall prosper.

Deuteronomy, chapters 1 through 3, remind us that it is time to take possession of the land He has promised us! (Our children, our Government – America…)

I encourage you to commune with Him and read His Word – daily. “Commune” meaning to talk to and listen to God – that is what praying is – daily. You might be pleasantly surprised at some of the things He “speaks” or drops into your heart!

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