Blog 12: We Need to Know Who We Are – We are God’s army!

The butterfly has long represented "a new creation" in Christ

We Need to Know Who We Are in Christ

We need to know who we are in Christ. To be His Army, we MUST know who we are in Him!

Yes, we are God’s Army, His remnant, His warriors! And God is calling us to war! He has divinely empowered our weapons of warfare for the tearing down of strongholds, lies, and the evil plots and plans of the evil one – His and our enemy. God has strategically stationed and repositioned His angel armies on the earth. It is time for the ecclesia to BOLDLY move forward. He has given us our marching orders!

We were born for this moment – NOW. We must rise up and be tenacious in faith, anointed with aggressive boldness, knowing we have dominion and authority in Christ! We must RECLAIM America, and the world, for Christ, for God’s kingdom. “May His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven!”

We, you, I should be able to say, with a Holy boldness:

And so on… WE are like a combination of all the patriots of the Old and New Testament living now, today, in the power of Holy Spirit!!

We need to know who we are in Christ!! And WHO our source of faith, power, and truth is!!

With God, we can run through troops and leap over walls!! 2 Samuel 22:30 & Psalm 18:29!!

And we take our Marching orders from none but the Lord of Hosts!!

After watching Apostle Tim Sheets’ YouTube post on July 17, 2022; Coming Soon: The Avalanche video (, and praying, Holy Spirit prompted me to post this – after months of not posting because I didn’t want it to be me.  Much of this was taken from Tim Sheets’ video. I strongly urge you to watch it!

I hope this encourages you and lights a Holy Fire in your spirit!

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