Post 13: The Fire Dream ~ the Return of the Prodigals

The butterfly has long represented "a new creation" in Christ

Fire Dream – the Return of the Prodigals

This is a dream I had on Friday evening, April 22, 2022, around 11 pm.

In the Dream, I was in the house I now live in, and my Mom was with me. I had my office area in the living room next to the kitchen. I was doing something at my computer, but my mouse kept not cooperating.

My Mom was on hand, not right next to me, and aware of the difficulties. Finally, I got down on my knees, crawled under the desk, and pulled the mouse USB plug from the tower. When I did, this large “thing’ came off in my hand and the entire computer shut down. I held it up to show Mom saying something about how that wasn’t supposed to come off, and that I would just have to put it back on. I did put it back on and everything worked properly. I backed out from under the desk and stood up. Mouse problem resolved.

At that point, my Mom pointed over to the floor under a nearby bookcase and said, “Look, I put your stuff there.” It was a triumph, like she had found a solution to another problem I had.  I looked, and there under the bookcase, on the floor, stacked very neatly in two stacks, were the items I had not had a home for. I teased my mother by saying “You think I want to keep my stuff THERE??” laughing. Then, “Perfect!”  My mom was tickled (delighted), and I was pleased.

I turned back to my office area and began tidying it up ready to shut down for the night. Teasing my Mom, I said, “Now I’m ready to set up my sewing room in here.” A short pause, and then, “But not all of it,” and laughed.

I turned away from the office and my Mom was just standing in the middle of living room. She said, “How good is your smeller? Can you smell that?” I took a deep breath and said, “Yes.” Smoke!!

Apparently, I had picked up my phone, because I set it down and hurried out the back door. It was fairly dark outside, maybe around 10 pm. I headed out around the house looking as far as I could see as I went. I could see a long way. I noticed in one area a lot of what looked like city lights glowing way off (maybe 10 miles or farther). I took note, then urged myself faster. As I was about halfway around the house, I noticed way off in the woods what appeared to be flames. I stopped and focused on it. No smoke. It was a huge azalea bush in full bloom with red flowers. I thought, “It’s only an azalea,” and pushed on again, hurrying. I went all the way around the house, looking and smelling, and came back up the back porch steps.

My Mom was at the back door waiting for my assessment. I started to give her the all-is-okay when I suddenly realized that area of city lights glow was getting more obvious. I pointed it out to Mom. As we watched, a huge pillow of smoke went up behind a large church that was nearby. We hurried into the house, I grabbed my phone and started calling 911 to report the fire – just in case no one else had. As I now looked out in the direction of the fire, I could see a very long way, but now the church was HUGE and in the forefront. 

Next in the dream, Mom and I were standing, arm-in-arm, in the street. In front of us was the big church, with the fire some 10 or so miles behind it. We were praying and singing. Soon others were running to join us, in the street, to pray. Together, we were taking a stand, taking authority, over the fire.

I knew in the dream that though the fire was advancing toward us. Though it was mostly woods between the fire and us, and though we lived with woods all around us, I knew the fire was not going to get to us. We knew our homes and neighborhood were going to be protected.

I woke up.

To give better understanding of this dream, it might be helpful to give some background information about my Mom.

My Mom went home to be with the Lord in 2019, just shy of age 90. She was a very powerful intercessor. Over the years, God had given her strategic prayer plans and maps, and He had gradually increased her area of authority from local, to State, to National, and then global. For instance, years ago, He had led her to drive and pray every miles of every road – paved or not – in our county. Habersham County is no small county! I participated many days but couldn’t every day; she did it 5 or 6 days a week several hours at a time, for weeks – maybe months! – praying much in the Spirit. Her next big assignment was to go to each and every church in the county, park in their parking lot, pray, and pray as long as the Lord led her to.

At home, she spent hours in God’s presence, reading and studying God’s Word, praying, singing praises, singing in the spirit, crying out to God, etc. She had a heart for sanctification – and she was set apart for God. I am not trying to make my Mom look perfect – she certainly had her flaws – but she truly loved the Lord above all others and all else.

Her presence in the dream, I believe, represents the intercessors, the prayers of the saints, their decrees of God’s Word, and their authority over areas and demonic strongholds.

The whole office scenario with the mouse, the broken piece that came off the pc, and the items not having a “place” represents the brokenness and disorder our lives get in when we – His children – do not obey Him, do not follow hard after Him. When we are rebellious and turn toward sin seeking after things of the flesh; we are the Prodigals! Note that when I put the piece back on and everything worked that was the turning point back to God – the getting reconnected with Him. And suddenly, things that had not worked were fixed and things that had no place were put back in order. Why? Because the intercessor was praying!! – She saw the solution, the need to put God first again! The need for the prodigal to return and submit.

Wanting to move my sewing room into the place with my office represents the desire to be completely re-aligned with God; back to being about the Father’s business. It’s that “I wasted enough time, now I want to move forward with God” feeling! It is that excited feeling in your spirit that all is well again, and you’re ready to go forward “gung-ho’ with God!!

[Personally, I had a LONG season at the broken computer… Sigh. And my mother never stopped praying for me. I believe she continued praying for me even after she passed. I wished she was here when I had my turning point! But I know she knows!]

In the dream, my Mom, the intercessor, smelled smoke. That was a SPIRITUAL alert from Holy Spirit. I, the believer who turned back to God, was now re-aligned and submitted to His authority, could therefore also smell the smoke, though I didn’t know why or where it was coming from until I sought to know. I was coming back into hearing, seeing, and being obedient to Holy Spirit. I was being restored.

You think this is far-fetched? This goes yet deeper.

I saw the lights but dismissed them because I didn’t yet see them with God’s vision. I was partially blinded by the former disobedience. I had to press on, press in, keep seeking. The flaming azalea bush represents my sudden awareness that God was MOVING over there, in that direction or area. That was His “fire” if you will, so, it was good; it was Holy. But what about that smoke?!

I continued seeking (looking), nearly gave up (ever wondered if you’re really hearing from God?), and then I saw the fire – the destructive fire – the plans and schemes of the enemy to kill, steal, and destroy God’s CHURCH, the Ecclesia, His people – and the world!

Trying to locate the fire was a process, and did take time, but it happened very quickly. Because when we repent, submit, and seek after God after being lukewarm or rebellious, GOD RESTORES US VERY QUICKLY!! It is His amazing grace!!

Then, we stood arm-in-arm, praying in the streets, which represents not just unity, but a welcoming back into the fold – no judgement or condemnation from the saint who had been praying. And the synergy from the forgiveness, love, unity, and agreement in prayer draws others back in – yes – BACK IN. THE PRODIGALS ARE COMING HOME!! And the “neighborhood” is saved! The spiritual ground is “saved,” and the enemy’s plan is defeated!

Oh, don’t you see God’s heart in all this? He is speaking to the intercessors: Don’t give up on the prodigals; they are coming home. They shall be restored! He is speaking to the Church: Welcome the prodigals in, reinstate them into their rightful positions! Join spiritual forces with them. Though they strayed, God was STILL working in their lives!! There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. Remember them not as wayward, as prodigals, but stand arm-in-arm with them in the fray! Let the synergy of shared love, forgiveness, acceptance, and encouragement cause a mighty army to rise and thus defeat the enemy! He is speaking to the prodigals: I still love you. I have forgiven you. I still have a plan and a purpose for your life. Jeremiah 29:11 says, For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace, and not for evil, to give you a hope and a future in your final outcome – AND THAT IS STILL TRUE! I am glad you are back – welcome home, My child! Take My covering, take My authority! Let’s celebrate! Take your rightful place as My son (daughter.) Take your rightful position! Together, let’s defeat the enemy and his dark schemes and liberate the world!!

Yes, it is God’s desire to restore the wayward, the prodigals, and use them is this glorious time we are in. Perhaps they were targeted much by Satan because he knew God had big plans for them in these days of this great spiritual battle. It is expedient we do not judge! Jesus warns us to “judge not, least we be judged!” (Matthew 7:1)

I could end this by saying, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire!” Where the enemy intends to destroy, God’s fire burns brighter!! And that is true, but I think the overall message is that God desires to bring the prodigals home and reinstate them fully and more powerfully back into their callings, giftings and anointings! So, the intercessors must be praying for them, and the church body must be ready for their return and welcome them with total forgiveness without judgement!

  1. You are so in touch with God’s leading, and I appreciate your sharing your dream. May God bless you and…

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