Blog 07: Mask Mandate Stupidity ~ This is a re-post

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Repost: Mask Mandate Stupidity

I inadvertently deleted the original Mask Mandate Stupidity Post of 03-08-2022. I figured it didn’t matter. But now masks are trying to make a come-back and people are really speaking out against them, so I decided to re-post it (with no changes except for adding this opening paragraph.)

Let me preface this Post by saying if you are or were a mask wearer, if you agree(d) with the Mask Mandate, this is not in any way an attack on you, your beliefs, or your stand. I recognize we all see things differently, and some have different health issues…

In July 2021 and in February 2022, I had opportunities to fly across the US (2021 Ga to CA round trip; 2022 GA to TX round trip.) I was amazed at the absolute stupidity of wearing masks in airports and on airplanes. Masks were, of course, absolutely required and enforced EXCEPT when eating and drinking – though they were no longer required elsewhere.

Nearly everyone ate and drank in the airport terminals and on the plane during flights. In fact, most passengers provided their own lunch to eat during the flights. On longer flights, the airlines passed out snacks and drinks to everybody, all at the same time, and EVERYBODY had their masks off, ALL AT THE SAME TIME, while everyone ate and drank, all at the same time. Then, like obedience monkeys, we all put our masks back on. On some flights, we were ready to descend shortly after our food/drink trash was picked up, so the major part of the flight most people were not wearing a mask because they were eating and drinking – all at the same time.

Many of the passengers, when not eating or drinking, wore their mask below their nose because they could not breathe properly when their nose was covered. We were constantly being told our masks had to cover the mouth and nose.

The stupidity is that IF masks really helped, which they don’t, then we should have left them on for the entire flight – not taking them off for any reason – eating and drinking included. We should have just refrained from eating or drinking in the airport and for the duration of the flights. But it is a known fact that viruses are so small they go right through most (if not all) masks, so wearing a mask was pointless.

Being a senior citizen with a medical history of extreme trauma to my lungs (scar tissue in both lungs) and a history of heart issues (a-fib), it was recommended by my heart doctors and nurses I own an oximeter to help me keep up with my oxygen level. My normal oxygen level is 97 to 98, but during mild “bouts” of a-fib, it would drop to 90 or 91, which is still reasonable. I noticed it was very difficult to breathe while wearing a mask, and my oxygen level would drop to the low 80’s within minutes. When I mentioned this to my medical team, they told me I had no business wearing a mask.

I wore a mask only when a medical exemption was not accepted, and then only if I could not avoid the situation. For me, that was only in airports and on airplanes. I would feel fine when I arrived at the airport, but after wearing a mask in the terminal, I would be short of breath and my oxygen level would seriously drop. By the time I had been on the airplane, landed, and exited the terminal, I would really be struggling to breathe. (Please don’t take this as a complaint; that is NOT my point; I am simply making a point about the danger for me of wearing a mask.) And all the while, any and all virus germs I might have had, or might have encountered, were still being spread about as usual because masks don’t stop viruses any more than chicken wire stops mosquitoes!

In general, I don’t mind “following orders,” but the risk to my health and the absolute stupidity of the masks… Well, let’s just say I did not appreciate the mask mandate. But I am aware that some were adamant about wearing them.

I’ve heard a few people defend the mask mandate – NONE of them were medical professionals – and their argument is not even logical: “If everybody wears a mask most of the time, there is less chance of the Covid-19 virus spreading.” That is actually absurd! If someone had Covid-19, and you were near them, you were exposed regardless if one or both of you were wearing a mask, or how long you or they wore or didn’t wear the mask. To say otherwise is like saying chicken wire can stop viruses and that those virus germs can actually choose when to exit the human body: “Okay, virus, let’s all stay contained while our host is eating and drinking and when they are done, and they put their mask back on and think they are protected, we’ll go on a virus spreading frenzy!” HOGWASH: Virus germs are TINY and, if present, are constantly being spread (if you are alive and breathing), AND, they spread all the MORE when you are eating and drinking because your mouth is OPEN and your saliva is “actively” participating in the art of chewing and swallowing.

Yep, the mask Mandates were and are stupid, pointless, and actually detrimental to your health. They offer a false sense of security because they don’t even work! SO, the truth is that the mask mandates actually helped the spread of Covid-19! And that, my friends, is really stupid!

And this does not even talk about governmental overstepping of our freedoms… don’t get me started! LOL.

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